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Sormec Marine Cranes, Alcamo, Italy

Sormec is a company specializing in design, development and fabrication of marine cranes for ships, platforms, pontoons, offshore service vessles, fireboats, etc. The dimensions are quite compact and the cranes are easy to install. The advanced technology, the construction and the materials are all used to protect the crane against all influences from a rough sea environment. The painting, bi-component type, is performed in the following phases: Sand blasting to Sa 2.5; Zinc primer. intergard 40-50 micron; anti-corrosion build coat 100-125 micron: finish two coats: polyurethane paint 50-75 micron; Total paint tickness 240 - 325 micron. The cylinder rods are chromium plated, manufactured with special procedures that eliminate the risk of cratering. The hydraulic system includes double pilot safety valves on each cylinder where the pressure range is between 125 and 250 bar. Sormec cranes can be equiped with a wide range of accessories such as mechanical extensions, winch, power source, remote control, etc. All models are tested and approved by well known classification societies such as RiNA, ABS, LRS, GL, DNV.